The appreciation of a good story

I’d say I want to start writing again, proper writing, like how I used to, but I don’t. I haven’t spoke to you guys in a while. This week I’ve needed a “Shed it off” period. It helps. Last 3 days I haven’t eat well, that fuck’s my confidence, but it relaxes me so fuck it, I’ll work it off over the next couple of weeks off. Thinking isn’t good for you, music is. I’m listening to riptide atm, how good is that song? Budapest too, those are my kind of song’s lately. I haven’t spoken much to anyone lately, I’ve actually gone a couple days without speaking to anyone the last couple days. Half planned, half not. Odd. Last week or so the UK has had boiling hot weather and at night it’s a killer, my itty bitty stubble feels like razor blades when it’s mixed with sweat. It’s like 1 btw. Anyway, less about me. Now, more about me. If I haven’t stated my undying love for Casey Neistat yet, which I know I already have, I love casey. I love his videos man. I went through them all again the other day, I seriously love his videos that much. Then I came across this one again, link’s here.  I genuinely want you to watch this. I have no joke watched this one about 15 times before, and every time I watch it I still love it every time. I’m rooting for Casey each time. My favourite part is the start, the “Really?” then the “No” while laughing. We know you do bro, but you stuck on that love bug. Also the Miike Snow song straight after. Another video I found the other day, non related, but the famous “Kobe tell me how my ass tastes” video. Here’s the link. If you don’t get where this is from, Shaq was free styling in a club and some idiot recorded it, when Shaq meant no harm. He was rapping how Kobe couldn’t win a championship without him at the Lakers. All in good fun. I have a itty bitty rant that might annoy a lot of people. I have 2 hates in this world, people who big up that they’re drinking and girls who wear chokers. I have no problem with people drinking, drink as much as you want, doesn’t affect me, but don’t post everywhere and tell everyone that you had a pint. Similarly chokers, wear your chokers on your instagram photos, but in public, I just literally can’t understand them. I don’t get it. Last thing of the day, as I’m fucking boiling, I’m tired, and well I can’t be arsed for more. I’ve had a list of things that I want to tell people for a long while, it’s not like secrets or anything, it’s just things I’ve done or observed or just that I’m interested in, for a while now. I’ve kept it, because no-one appreciates the same kind of stuff I do it feels like. That’s the one type of person I’m missing at the moment, someone I can talk to who just takes interest in the same kind of things as me. One of the things I wrote on there the other day was that when I was in Egypt, it’s not something I usually would write on the list but still, I saw a girl. She was like a year or so older than me, and I’d describe her as a “big” girl. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a backless/strapless dress. I was like "HELL FUCKING YEAHHHHH".I don’t know why, but it made me really happy. I was proud of that yanno, she felt so confident to do that even though she’d get some dodgey looks for it. It made me really happy. I’m gonna try and use a different approach with people over the next few weeks, I’ll see how it goes again. Night you guys. Good looking people.