Yeah, you are right my friend

First off how good is “Sleepless” by Cazzette? We like abitta dat. I have had a shaky last few days really, shaky. I’ve not stuck through with shit. You don’t fuck with the golden rule. You don’t fuck with the golden rule. Actually I dub that as the silver rule, because we all know the golden rule. You don’t fuck with the silver rule then. I also know I shouldn’t fuck with karma, so I’m gonna leave that now, but yeah, not a happy bunny. I’ve had a few revelations the last few days. Anyway, today. Today was a good day. I went to the zoo, and I actually really enjoyed it. From where I’m from, our zoo really isn’t the best, but it’s all our little town has that’s like landmark status worthy. I love the zoo though. I will take anyone who likes the zoo to the zoo, it really is just a cool place. My favourite was that there was baby wallaby’s, and I love wallabys. Also, I saw one of my friends who works there, then I got a nice text from them after words, it made me smile. Coming back, I played NBA for abit, then one of my mates came over for some FIFA and a catchup. It was good, missed not seeing my mates the last week or so.  We had a KFC too. My eatings been off the last few days. It’s not always easy to stick to healthy eating and exercise, it’s really fucking hard for a guy who pretty much until 2 years ago ate 3 packets of crisps a day, multiple chocolates, sweets, biscuits and I probably had 4/5 takeaways a week. But I should practise what I preach, it’s okay to not always look your best. First impressions though, that’s what your best is for. I’ve gotta step up if first impressions is my game. Otherwise, I’m gonna take my time. A song just came up on my spotify that I haven’t heard in a longggggg time, Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang. Love Chiddy Bang btw. The reason why I love this song is because the first time I saw it, I can’t remember where I saw it, but it was a video with a load of kids in it singing this song. It wasn’t the official video, but it was produced as if it was. After going through my favourites on youtube to search for it, I found this. You won’t get this, especially as the youtuber changed his name, but this dude was called, I can’t remember how it’s spelt but it was pronounced, I-Fly-A-Line-I. They way it was spelt, it was Airforce code. To pay for his Airforce fees, he started his youtube channel and he got really really famous overnight, as he exposed a member of the gaming community as a fake for copying Tmartn I think. Anyway, the reason he got even more well known was that he got caught on Chaturbate, not sure if that’s how you spell it, but I’m not gonna type it in to check. Someone found this out and exposed it to the community. When everyone found out, I-Fly was extremely embarrassed and left the community. No one thought anything more of it. Anyway, a few weeks later, and I’m sorry to say it but we found out my favorite youtuber MrObviouslyJesus had informed his superiors in the Air Force of what he had done. Obviously, this did not go down well. He received an honourable discharge, he lost his job. Everyone felt so bad for him. He used Chaturbate to pay for the enrollment, but the superiors didn’t see it as that. But he came back in the community, and he turned this into his job. We were all proud of him. Anyway, I just loved that video. Also I used to bash off of this song. The old days of UKF haha. Oh then this is like one of my first ever favourites, I think I just loved that girls hair, and that’s pretty much why I liked it. I can see now that all she does is mess with her, but I’m loving that smile, big big smile. Also, this youtuber. You may know who this is, she did the famous “Girl with the deep voice” video. I liked that video for one reason, she reminded me exactly of a person I knew at the time, and for those of you who know me on here, she was so much like charlotte in year 8/9 it’s unreal. I’ve just watched all of her videos, and I never realised she got older. I’m not usually a fan of brown eyes, but good god she has pretty eyes. I don’t know, those videos made me really really happy. If you didn’t know, which I’m pretty sure no one will know, aside from Cape Town, San Fran, Milan and Amsterdam; Shanghai is one of my top destinations to visit. I’m going on holiday again. Not by choice, but still, I’m not gonna turn down a holiday. There is a rule I have though, no to spain. That may be snobby, “You should be grateful wherever you go”, true, but I fucking hate spanish holidays. I have been on so many, I cannot stand them. I suggested Mexico, Amsterdam, Paris, Cape town, Milan, Shanghai, Portugal and San Fran. For like 3 days we were looking to go Mexico, but then I’m pretty sure my dad told my mom to tell me she didn’t really want to go, as they knew I wouldn’t go anywhere she doesn’t want to. So instead, non of those places counted. I’m going to a place I guarantee you will never have had a holiday in. So much so, I forgot what the place is called. I’ll find out tomorrow. I’ve been writing this for 2 hours, I was supposed to be going to bed early aha, it’s quarter to 3. I needed this though, it’s made me feel better. I was just about to press enter on this, but I forgot to write something. Over the last few days I’ve been listening to some Golden Age songs. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in fact. They’re obviously not cool to tell people about, and no one takes an interest in what I say anyway, but still, I like to tell someone something so yeah, enjoy their music good people. It all started when I found How D’ya like your eggs in the morning? after seeing that new song “kisses for breakfast”. I really want to watch some 40’s films now. I’m tempted, but it’s late. Goodnight anyway you guys. I really do hope you have a good tomorrow. Good looking people.