A little bit a Jessica in the sun

I have WiFi here, but it appears to only be on my nexus not my phone. So if anyone wants to talk to me, youve gotta ask me through Facebook. The island is gorgeous, really is. It reminds me of lanzorate. The hotels nice, rooms nice, but there is just so many large family’s here who must have came from mainland Portugal and Spain, that its hard to move around quickly without running into 10 kids. The food here seems to be shit, didn’t eat last night, its like pasta and Spinage, no meat, no chips, not looking good. Weather is OK, coming from like 50 degrees Egypt only a month earlier, I’m not used to a few clouds and only like 25 degree weather on holiday. Entertainment also is pretty shit. I think this is more of a family resort than anything so it’s not really what any of us like. Also the pool isn’t chlorinated water, its salt water. For entertainment I have like a trillion books. At the minute I’m 48% through to kill a mocking bird, which I really do like tbh. But if you don’t like to read the word nigger a lot, don’t read it. Next I may move onto magics autobiography. We’ll see.